Author’s Journey

2154: The Cocoon (The sequel to Around the World in 2153)


After a tragic technological mishap, Sia, the ex-leader-in-waiting of Jambudesh, has started a new life in Verdemia as a humanoid.

Sia now has everyone she had ever wished for¾her parents, her sister and her companion¾but she yearns for a life where the humans accept her without judgment.

Meanwhile, the Non-Residential Earthlings from Mars return to Earth. Sharman, their wily leader, has an ulterior motive to harm the Earthling chosen by the Martians as their new leader.

Two Martians hastily follow Sharman to stop him.

Can they protect their chosen leader? How is their destiny connected to Sia and her future?

Around the World in 2153


In the Earth year 2153, only five nations survive on the planet. Devastating floods and moving landmasses have changed the geological map and geopolitical relationships.

Twenty-three-year-old Sia, the leader-in-waiting of Jambudesh, grew up in an orphanage and is mentored from a young age to lead the nation. Eager to prove herself, she embarks on her first international trip to discuss an issue of global importance. But the Jambudeshi authorities soon declare her a traitor.

Enraged by her sudden fall from grace, she doubles her efforts to find her parents based on a cryptic anonymous note. As she deciphers the clues, she runs from one nation to another, travelling from Jambudesh to the Consortium of Liberal Counties, Bajeelen, Technoland, and Verdemia.

With a serviceman turned rebel, Vikram, for company, Sia races around the world as a fugitive, experiencing strange innovations and mind-blowing transportation systems.

Will Sia find her parents before a failed technological experiment takes away her will to survive?

The Serpents of Kanakapuram: a mystery novel

The Serpents of Kanakapuram_cover1_rev4.indd

On a professional trip, Meera Mohan finds herself stuck in the quaint little village of Kanakapuram amidst unprecedented floods in the state of Kerala. She is fascinated by the story of a haunted house, its serpent grove, and cherishes her new friendships.

Bhuvanamma, a gentle old widow who is also an excellent cook, Hussain, the caretaker at the company guest house, Unni and Rani, a young couple torn between their respective ambitions, Leena, an ethnobotanist and Hari, an architect—form the motley gang at Kanakapuram.

She rekindles her love for her native culture through them, until… mysterious deaths occur at the house, and Meera gets unwittingly involved. Before she can extricate herself from the investigations, her friend and colleague, Cara, is found dead in the United States.

Who can Meera trust? Is the house really haunted? Who are the serpents?

Plot Pourri: An anthology of short stories 

Plot Pourri

This anthology features Singapore’s best short story writers, who are ready to take the nation by storm. The stories range from utopic pasts to distant dystopian futures, from small loves to huge losses, and from unexpected deaths to beautiful births.

You’ll discover fresh perspectives, learn new lessons and find a part of you in these stories.

Plot Pourri is the result of a collaborative effort of people whose ultimate passion is literature. So, one thing this is for certain – these stories will leave a lasting impact on you.

The authors featured in the anthology are:
Leroy Lam, Mark Wong, Jayden L, Azrael Tseng, Jade Ow Yanhui, Ragnild, Victoria Li Dook, Terence, Oh Zhen Yin, You Zhen, Bae Huey, MJ, Sudeepa Nair, Thiagesh, Ashley Gor, Corrinne Kang, Joel Ong, Neeraja Sundar, Dalvin Chandran and Dr. P.

When Sonder Becomes a Real Word: A Collection of Short Stories


The word – sonder- which has not found a place in the OED yet, refers to a profound realization that others, especially, unknown, unfamiliar, people walking about the streets could have lives as complex as our own, despite the fact that we personally, are not aware of it. It is a word which struck me with great force when I came across it for the first time. It was a ‘Eureka’ moment for me because I can now put a name to the thoughts that I often had while commuting in Mumbai’s local trains, observing fellow passengers, as they went about their busy lives. Inspired by the profundity of the word, I have brought together few of my short stories in this book.

When Sonder Becomes a Real Word is a collection of short stories. We all wish to understand the world better, conversely, we all hope that the world would understand us better. The short stories in this book, are an attempt to do just that. Where did we come from and where we might be heading to? Will the world change so much that we become insignificant in the grander scheme of things? Or, are things so simple that all we need is a prayer?
What happens when three women across generations turn to the sea for solace? What does the sea teach them?
Can a writer write better stories if she could hear every single person in the world?
What might the world look like, if we forget what we actually need for survival?
What will animals think of our replacements?
And finally, a story to remind us that life is full of happy endings…

You can buy the book here, or read it for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited account.

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